Cyber Security Recruitment Services

The cyber security recruitment services provided by Equality Recruitment LLP includes our proprietary award-winning Leadership Vault search process that uses a full range of unearthing potential candidates combined with data driven analysis of relevant KPIs and depth of customer / industry relationships, scientifically based psychometric team fit and role fit analysis, and assessment technology.

The impact is the shortlist of candidates we deliver are validated to meet or exceed the objectives of the cyber security role.

We offer confidential retained executive search for senior management and functional leadership levels (CXO, SVP/EVP, VP, Director, Sr. Manager, Principal) and engagement search for key engineers, developers, analysts, sales and business development professionals.

Cyber Security Recruitment Services | Functional Leaders | Key Hires


As a leader in the recruitment of senior level cyber security talent, our team works with defense contractors, IS/IT firms, financial services, local, state, and federal public safety, IoT data / devices / networks, and Ai driven cyber security developers. Equality Recruitment LLP recruits for roles ranging from CXO to senior level engineers, sales directors, and senior analysts.

We specialize in cyber security recruitment services for clients needing specialists in building algorithms, platforms, software and hardware to address advanced persistent threats, phishing, counterintelligence, cyber warfare tactics, botnets, ransomware, DDoS, wiper attacks, IP theft, identity theft, data manipulation / destruction, MITM, malvertsing, drive-by malicious downloads, rogue / terror driven coding, and unpatched software.

Expertise and Solid Track Record in Cyber Security Recruitment Services


We have deep experience with enterprise and network security as well as mobile security and can fill roles requiring all levels of security clearances.

  • Industry leading 93% new hire retention rate
  • Proven executive search process
  • No risk 24-36 month replacement guarantee
  • 24/7 online access to your search
  • Video interview access
  • Success based fees
  • Candidate team & role fit analysis
  • Passive “A” team candidates ONLY
  • Exclusively represented by NextGen