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Cyber security recruiting for corporate executives and functional leaders in Big Data, Digital Forensics, and Mobile Security. Expertise with SIGINT, C4ISR, GEOINT, MASINT, Cyber IO, USCYBERCOM, CISSP, & Chinese Mandarin language.


Retained Search in Cyber Threat Intelligence including IO types indicator pivoting and indicator attribution strength.  NextGen Global Executive Search is a leading recruiter cyber security for HUMINT analysts, Intelligence Requirements Collection Managers, CI Analysts, Tactical & Operational Intelligence Analysis, & Intelligence Information Management professionals.

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Big Data Recruiter Cyber Security

If you need a executive to direct strategy or corporate management, a functional leader in engineering who has led red / blue / purple teams; an expert in Kill Chain analysis; cyber threat modeling; threat detection and IS risk assessment specialists; developing intrusion detection and prevention systems; cyber wireless for DoD; building blockchains for FinTech and cryptocurrencies, advanced Data Visualization proficiency leveraging COTS / GOTS tools – consider the NextGen recruiter cyber security.

With a deep rolodex of cyber professionals and expertise in cyber warfare, mobile security, cyber security for public and private enterprises, cyber counterintelligence, digital forensics, and data security analytics, our team has placed hundreds of cyber security engineers, analysts, sales and business development professionals.

We are known for “finding the needle in the haystack” and often called upon to fill a key role that other search firms have failed to deliver the right candidates.